USVI / BVI Destinations & Itineraries

The VIRGIN ISLANDS (USVI and the BVI) are made up of over 120 islands and cays. The Islands are rich in history, unbelievable beauty and geography. We want to help you explore and feel the paradise.

There are many exotic locations to visit.

The British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda, “the fat virgin” where The Baths are located. They are a breath taking monolithic group of boulders to climb and explore; to swim around in the pools and grottos and just relax.

Trek across to the world famous Jost Van Dyke, named for a Dutch pirate and now home to famous bars such as Foxy’s Taboo and Soggy Dollar Bar. Since there are no docks we must anchor and swim and/or wade through the crystal blue waters to imbibe with one of the famous “Pain Killers.”

Visit Norman Island, still believed to have lost pirate booty. The caves at Treasure Point were made famous by the Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island. Discover some of the best snorkeling spots in the islands at The Indians and Caves.

Finally stop by the famous Willy-T, a 98-foot floating bar where you just have fun!!! Or hang out at Pirate’s Blight in the naturally protected bay, great for swimming. In addition there is the Pirate’s Blight restaurant to enjoy some food and drinks.

The US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, our home base and St. John the beautiful green lush island with the lovely US National Park and beaches and bays surrounding it. St. John has no traffic signals as the pace is slow and relaxing. Anywhere we go to sightseeing and snorkel you will see an abundance of sea life, including spotted eagle rays, hawksbill turtles, corals, sponges, and maybe a Caribbean lobster or octopus.

On the north side of the island we may visit beautiful Leinster Bay, Waterlemon Cay, Mary’s Point and Whistling Cay. Cruz Bay the home to the ferry landings and shoppes, restaurants & bars. The south side of St. John is home to Salt Pond Bay & Big and Little Lameshur Bay great areas to swim & snorkel.

**** Snorkeling can be incorporated in a full day with swimming on a crowded beach or a remote location. We can snorkel for a few hours, go have lunch then go to one of the famous bars before heading home. Snorkeling can be around the BVI’s or just around St. John.

Create Your Own Itinerary

We are very interested in providing you with the Charter that fits your needs and wishes. Our goal is always “Play in the Water Your Way.” While we can’t trek to all the beautiful bars, beaches, bays and locations in one day we can and do offer a variety of trips. Sometimes the seasons of the year and weather will dictate our specific itinerary but we will offer you choices and opportunities to see and visit your preferences.

Depending upon where we are near the end of the day will determine when we leave to come back to port. If we went to the BVI’s we will be required to pass through customers to get back into the USVI.

This does take time and cuts into our play time.

Things to Bring

Bring a towel, sunscreen, camera(s), under water cameras are great for snorkeling, sunglasses, a hat or visor, a swim suit cover up or shirt. You are welcome to bring your own drinks as we have plenty of insulated storage coolers.

Our stereo system is blue tooth compatible, so bring your favorite tunes to relax and enjoy!!!

We do ask that if you are using sunscreen spray that you put it on prior to entering the boat because the spray is both slippery and causes the cushions to yellow or stain.

We have all the necessary snorkel gear needed. You are welcome to bring any specialized gear you may have or need,  (i.e. any masks with vision lens).

We have USCG certified life jackets for all including small and/or children’s life jackets.

BVI Requirements

If we are going the any of the B.V.I.’s we must pass through customs to enter and come back into the US customs as we re-enter the USVI. Therefore ALL must have a “passport” and pay the customs fees. Our current fees are $45 per person in “cash”. We will handle the paper work prior to embarking.


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